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Intuitive Readings, connect with the cycle of the moon and your Guides and Guardian Angels!

Your Soul Card Journey

Soul Connecting, My Soul Gift of Love!

My Spiritual Journey has awakened my connection and intuition with Universal Energies and this Channeling is getting stronger as I grow and expand my own connection through my own Journey.  The creators of these cards are all beautiful intuitive gifted women who have inspired me to share this gift with others, who are called to receive guidance from their Guides or Guardian Angels.   Im also inspired to create events to connect empower our beautiful women to live their best lives and make a difference in our world! 

I give my eternal gratitude to 

Nicole Phoenix Starr

(Living Goddess Cards)

Yasmin Boland

(Moonology Cards)

Doreen Virtue

(Magical Unicorn Cards)

Rebecca Campbell 

(Light Guidance Cards)

If you are called to connecting with your Universal Guides or Guardian Angels (We all have them, sometimes were just disconnected from them and they always have your back you just need to ask!) I would love to share with you any of the messages you are seeking guidance for! 

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