#Love my Gypsy Heart!

I grew up very early in life learning not to share my Gift of Love! I was made to feel that my love was not worthy enough being told that children should not be heard or seen. I grew up conforming to a certain set of standards and beliefs which at the time was what my parents and their friends believed was the best way to nurture and love! Much of those beliefs and standards of being I carried on into my adult life and also with my own children! As I grew up I was constantly made to feel and dim my light from my family, friends and also the people I worked with, and when it looked like I would sneak out that light it was very quickly shut down!  I quickly learned to "master the art of shutting out my spiritual feelings" and sharing my "true authentic soul".  This part of my soul has been quietly simmering away and patiently waiting for the right moment to appear and shine fully in its brilliance without fear, judgement and to share its gift of Wisdom, Knowing, Compassion, Kindness, Forgiveness and Love in all its creative expression and unique way!  The awakening of my souls spirit has been a Journey of its own and through this process I have awakened to embracing all that this life has to offer and fully embrace the Living Goddess in me! 

Illumination In
Incredible India!

Truly embracing the Living Goddess wearing the Traditional Sari all over India was one of the most profound experiences of my life! Sharing this experience with these Goddesses has connected us on a Journey like no other!

Journeying with a
High Hindu Priestess! 

Its not everyday that you can say your Spiritual Teacher is a High Hindu Priestess ~Durgaji Nikstarr!  My soul has been called to Journey with this amazing teacher, to wakeup and remember who I am!

Being Blessed in the Ganga Ma in Rishikesh in India!

This experience is one that will stay with me for life! 
To celebrate we all decided to do the Hair Flick!
Much fun is always had on our Journeys!

Visiting Spiritual Lands with these Beauties!

Following the pathway of The Living Goddess is such a wonderful experience and so good for my soul! Many of the practices of honouring life through Hinduism Spiritual practice is truely a beautiful blessing!

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