Welcome, Katalin Wilby, is A PASSIONATE advocate for her remote desert Community, and the Empowerment of Women. Her world and dreams came crashing down around her when her life took a dramatic turn with the loss of her business with only 2 hours notice! She has faced the very real challenge of learning the value of life!                      

So as luck has it the Universe had other ideas for this Girl! and fate decides to play a part in sending me on my new awakened journey of the soul to Remember who I am! ....and just for good measures to make sure that I was clear on my purpose the Universe also sent me a true Ordained Hindu High Priestess to keep me on my path! .....And so starts the journey on the path of "The Living Goddess"

If I was ever to believe in Fairy Tales then this definitely has the making of one!

Please have a look around my site and please come play in my world.